Allow yourself to be a better paddler
Customize cockpit
The boat is an extension of my body
Having a boat that is fitted to you isn't only comfortable, it is a necessity. A well fitted boat will help you lean, tilt and roll your boat easier and more securely. It is well worth investing time and some money to have a cockpit molded just for you.

I started the process by using denatured alcohol to remove 1/4" foam that had been previously glued to the seat. This was a very slow but gently way to remove the contact adhesive without damaging the plastic seat.

I then removed the NDK backband from the side mounts of the seat (this also brought to my attention a couple of loose hold down screws on the back cockpit panel). Gluing together two 3" pieces of foam to fashion a 6" wide back rest brought just enough support to my lower back on those long paddles.
Pre existing hip pads were swapped around to maximize a closer fit. Knee padding was slowly shaped and fitted around the skeg cable control box.
The bulk of the foam was used to foam out the foot section of the boat. 10" of foam cut in various conical shapes took a great deal of time but time well spent. The foot pegs were then replaced back into the rails, pressing flush with the foam. This added an ultra-strong foot placement to either side but also allows me to place my feet anywhere between the pegs for quick, sturdy placement as well. This also gives you the option to cut a hole in the foam close to the deck to insert a hand pump.
3x12x48" Harmony Minicell Foam from ($49.95)