Charles River - Brighton to Boston Outer Harbor
• Iíll be the first to admit it; I probably bit off more than I could chew but still pulled it off (luckly). As usual it started out as a casual paddle. Launch from the banks of the Charles River in Brighton along Soldiers Field Rd, coast along the urban portion of the meandering river and head back. But ambition got the better of me that day and I decided to keep going, and going. Through the harbor locks, across the inner harbor, out to Spectacle Is in the Outer Harbor and returning by the same route, completing a 26 mile marathon paddle. I did learn a lot that day including how to brace for wakes from huge commercial ship, that thereís almost no place to stop to relieve yourself in Boston Inner Harbor and when to call it quits when you shouldíve a long time before. The photos of this trip are combined with a separate trip from a couple of years later with detailed info on the locks and other images around the harbor. The Charles is a great paddle but donít feel the need to over do it. Paddle safely and enjoy the trip.
One long paddle but fun
Photos from this trip: