Wrentham State Forest
  Unnatural (or nonexistence) draining due to heavy motocross trail traffic can be seen throughout WSF, Franklin, MA
• Mountain biking - This is one sport that has given me more than my fair share of cuts, bruises and broken bones. In fact, no other sport I participate in even comes close. Iím not sure what it is. Maybe itís careening down a steep, slippery, gravel torn single track and contemplating if hitting the trees would be better than sailing off into the abyss. Regardless of your decisions, it takes a disciplined mind, body and bike to pull off just a few of the basic stunts and not lose any skin. So far Iíve broken two ribs (and managed not to sneeze for over two months), tore a large gash from my hand to my elbow, smack my helmet so hard I thought it broke and countless scraps and bruises. Is it worth it? Hmmm, Ö I never really thought about it that way. Face it, you canít compare the fun and exhilaration you get from a fast, semi-reckless ride.
  Hereís where I throw my own tips in, mostly from when I screwed up
• If I have to advise you to wear a helmet, take up base jumping instead.
• Stick an extra pair of riding gloves in the saddle pack. These things disappear faster than socks in a dryer and they save many layers of the skin that hits the ground first.
• Get a pair of cheap Home Depot safety glasses ($9.98 for the hip-looking ones). Iíve used them for a long while and have gotten more compliments for them than for my more expensive Oakley Half Jacket. Go figure.
• Get a map or GPS info on the area you're biking. Getting lost is not only inconvenient and sometimes dangerous, itís always embarrassing.
Where to go:
With1,027 acres on land in Foxboro and Wrentham and 23 miles of various trails to entertain all make this an excellent choice for this area of the state. Marsh/wetlands, crags and dense forest contribute to make this riding experience top notch. All levels of abilities can be found but more intermediate trails prevail in most the area. Although this is the newest location on my list Iím planning of spending more time here than any other area in the state.
The Blue Hills can have more gravel on their trails than youíll find in a quarry. The southern portion of the reservation between Hillside St & Rte 28 is usually less crowed and offers an interesting mix of terrain and trails. The northern side host Big Blue which has a steep southeast descent over rocky trails or choose the ski slope for something different. Find maps at the headquarters on Hillside St near the State Police & stables.
WSF used to be great but motocross has destroyed it beyond repair. The last time I went here in 07 was miserable with calf-deep water in many areas. You could easily jeopardize a submerged hub if you're not careful. It might be ok if the weather has been very dry for long period of time though.
Iíve only been to Callahan a few time but had a great time every time. Its big and appears to have something for everyone. As usual it helps to have someone experienced with you to cut through to the exciting trails. Near populated Framingham so except company on weekends. Nice scenery as well.