Runway 57 is now clear for take off
East Bay Bike Path, East Providence, RI
Best spots around town to sk8
I've taken a hard look but there's nowhere else in New England that has as much non MV, continuous pavement as RIs East Bay Bike Path. The 15 miles of almost level pavement (with the exception of one hill at the Providence end) runs steadily from East Providence along the banks of Narragansett Bay to Bristol. Ample path width, minimal surface defects, reasonable street crossing and mostly 'path-smart' pedestrians make this skate almost dreamlike. As with most places, timing for less crowds could be a factor . Week days before 5:00 is optimal but I've never had a problem with over-crowding on the weekend. Ample eateries at points along the path as well as a bike shop in Warren. 90% of my skating this year was done here. Enjoy.