Near the Exhibition Center / JFK library
Castle Island / Day Blvd, South Boston, MA
Best spots around town to sk8
The redevelopment of Boston's waterfront has spilled over to South Boston's Castle Island area (which is not a castle, but a fort and no longer an island as well). Plenty of room on spacious, newly constructed walkways that circle the fort and adjacent Pleasure Bay. Not only is the pavement consistenly smooth, it also offers superior views of the Boston Skyline as well as the inner harbor islands. The route can be considerably longer if you choose to skate west along Day Boulevard towards the Expressway. After a mile or so, follow the sidewalk to the left along the coast (just before the State Police Barracks) where it stops just shy of the JFK library. There is an outdoor track located across from the Police barracks (speed skating). Try for early morning for the minimal amount of wind.