Bike Touring
• The simplistic action of riding a bike is among the greatest pleasures of life. It has the deep roots and fond memories of early childhood combined with the experience and coordination of an adult trying to avoid a broken leg.

I try to bike ride in between inline skating and kayaking on my days off but donít always succeed. Then again, I always use it to commute to work everyday so you could say itís a staple of my life. Every once in a while I like to break out of the routine and just go for a long, long bike ride. Its always more fun (and work) than I thought itíd be and the rewards are always great. Below are trips from Boston to Provincetown, MA, which Iíve done a few times, a round trip ride up and over the Kangamangus Hwy, NH and general touring around the MA, NH & RI.

The bike pictured in most trips, a Gary Fisher 129 Dualsport, is no longer in my possession. A little lengthy here to get into but see the short history of bikes for info on all that I have owned and lost.

Anyhow, check below for road trips happily taken when each bike belonged to me.