• The simplistic action of riding a bike is among the greatest pleasures of life. It conjures up the deep roots and fond memories of early childhood combined with the experience and coordination of an agile adult trying to avoid a broken leg.

Bike Touring
Every once in a while I like to break out of the routine and just go for a long, long bike ride. Its always more fun (and work) than I thought it would be and the rewards from the long hours of peddling are always great. In this section are rides from Boston to Provincetown, MA, which Iíve done a few times, a round trip ride up and over the Kangamangus Hwy, NH and general touring around the MA, NH & RI. Copious amounts of free advice available here.

Bike Commute
Even when I don't get a chance to ride my bike on the weekends I always get the chance to ride it every weekday; back and forth to work. I've been commuting to work year round for six years now with a prime objective not to get hit by a car. Most days are great for commuting, some not so. Take a look at the short history of bikes I've been through and why they're no longer with me. Also see exactly how inexpensive (or not) it is to commute by bike to work. Finally, see how to stock your bike to handle almost any winter situation Mother Nature can throw at you.

Mountain Bike
Mountain biking can be as safe as playing ice hockey with a speeding, derailed freight train. There's no other sport that I've recieved as much injuries from. 'Why do it' you might ask? Good question and I don't have a single good answer but I obviously must love it since I keep coming back. And by the way if you were wondering, no, I'm not self-abusive. So, saddle up, clip in and for Chirst-sake, put that helmet on!