Bike Accident
My lucky day
No, my life didn't flash before me. There really wasn't enough time for that. But I thought about it a lot after.

• Like most accidents, I didn't see it coming. The usual morning commute to work in an early snow/rain shower. I waited for the green light and then began to cross the intersection while keeping an eye on the traffic approaching ahead of me. What I didn't see until the last second was the vehicle that just blatantly ran the red light on my left which was now skidding towards me at about 25 mph. Funny, I can still hear the sound of the impact. After I picked myself up off the pavement, about 60 feet from the impact site, I noticed that the vehicle's side mirror was torn off, there was a rather large dent in the front fender and a decent amount of hood damage. My bike was totaled but I walked, well, limped away. Thank God for my helmet, which was also toast. Yeah, this was a very lucky day!

Photos from this trip: